At Alktech, we have developed a platform that utilizes state-of-the-art technology for fast and efficient production. Our equipment includes 2 Siplace and 2 Inline Universal GSMx Pick and Place machines, as well as several Mydata machines for prototyping and rapid delivery.
We offer a range of soldering services, including wave, selective, and reflow soldering for unleaded applications using our top-of-the-line ERSA machinery. Our quality assurance process includes automated optical inspection (AOI), and our experienced test staff ensure the highest quality standards are met.
We also specialize in custom cable and wire solutions, tailored to each customer’s unique specifications. Our dedicated dispensing and coating area ensures precise and accurate application of materials, and our entire production process takes place in an ESD safe environment, in accordance with the latest electronic standards.
Choose Alktech for unparalleled precision and reliability in your electronic manufacturing needs.